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British Literature Hot Links for Masuk Anglophiles

General Links: These links offer information for literary periods as well as specific authors.

The Voice of the Shuttle: Well-respected with extensive links to all literary periods.
The Luminarium: Beautiful, art-enhanced pages focusing on Medieval, Renaissance, and 17th Century Periods.
British History: Brief overview of England's past.
SAC(San Antonio College) British Literature Web: Bibliographic information and links for all periods.
Bartleby: Great Books Online: Columbia's famous literary site.
The Labyrinth: Resources for medieval studies.
Literary Resources on the Net: Complete and frequently updated resources for English literature and specialized categories.
British and Irish Authors on the Web: Huge collection from 600 A.D. through 20th century. It's all here.
The City As Hero: Victorian London in Life and Literature: Research projects and online sources.
The Victorian Web: Thorough linkage to Victorian Period.
Victorian Web Sites: Same guy who did Brit/Irish and Fine Arts sites- nuff sed.
Neurotic Poets: Primarily Victorian neurotics.
Britannia: A delight! wonderful visual tours; covers history, royals, sites, London, Arthur, and links as well.
Britannia: Literature, Libraries & Magazines: Many poets, sources listed-a part of Britannia site.
UK Index: Internet sites.
Book of Kells: Images and Discussion: from Oregon State Library.
Book of Kells images
Book of Kells:Images and Discussion: from Austin College
Old English Analysis: from Georgetown University.
The Celtic Language:Celtic history and language.
Celtic Language Information and Resources
Celtic history
The Runic Journey: A history of the Runic alphabet.
Electronic Beowulf: Useful Guide.
Medieval Web Sites: Scholarly and huge, covering more than England.
The British Monarchy: The official royal site.
UK Travel Guide: What it purports to be.
Angelcynn: Anglo-Saxon site.
Sutton Hoo: Burial Ground of the Wuffings: Details and pictures.
Sutton Hoo at the British Museum: Twenty-three priceless artifact from Sutton Hoo.
Sutton Hoo Society: Society devoted to research on 1939 Anglo-Saxon burial ground discovery.
A Guide to the Study of Literature: Brooklyn College Presentations.
Life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium of Common Knowledge (1558-1603).
Eighteenth Century Studies: Great, if you can reach it.
Eighteenth Century Resources: UPenn professor's contribution is great.
Literary Locales: From San Jose State, an extensive visual list of authors and their homes-beautifully done.

Outstanding British writers, artists, personages, royalty, institutions, & edifices

The Shakespeare Mystery: Who wrote all those plays?
Shakespeare Oxford Society: Was Will the real deal?
The Elizabethan Theatre: Extensive coverage of the Globe.
Essay Questions for Shakespeare: Good resource for thought provocation.
Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre: a lot of toil and trouble to gather all these links!
The Complete Works of Shakespeare: MIT creates the Shakespeare Machine.
Hamlet Links: Tremendous number of links.
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet: Excellent Resource.
Surfing with the Bard: Diverse links.
The Dickens Electronic Archive: Pip would be proud.
The Charles Dickens Page: "Dedicated to One of the Greatest English Writers of All Time."
Discovering Dickens: Five projects for students to take on.
Charles Dickens: A Finnish site with access to works, web sites, and more.
The Dickens Project: Cal Santa Cruz does what it takes.
The Sherlockian Homepage: Ferrets out essential clues.
A Critical Look at "A Clockwork Orange": Anthony Burgess was the Man.
Welcome to Soma Web: Many links on BNW and more will sophisticate that Savage in you.
The John Milton-L Home Page: Paradise found with loads of links.
Robert Burns: These people love this guy.
Lewis Carroll: Links about the Oxford guy who changed his name. Hmmmm.
James Joyce: Links to ponder over a Guinness.
The Electronic Canterbury Tales:A huge source.
The Chaucer Pedagogy Page:Same author as above link.
The Harvard Chaucer Page: The name says it all,with many tales in modern English
Canterbury Tales (Modern English): About sixteen tales
Canterbury Tales (Modern English):About eleven tales
Canterbury Tales (Modern English): About tweleve tales
Chaucer Metapage
Chaucer: Tales, Background, Medieval Resources
Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales: Given in Modern and Middle English.
Baragona's Chaucer Page: Links from the Kaydets of VMI.
Richard III: Let's take a trip!
Odin's Castle: King Arthur and Robin Hood links
Christopher Wren: My hero!

Fine Arts

CGFA-Online Paintings: Arguably the best site on the web for classical art.
How to Analyze a Painting
Shakespeare Illustrated: Shakespeare and the art he inspired: Emory University's work; explores 19th century artistic responses to the Bard's works. This site is temporarily down.
Ophelia paintings and drawings: Pre-Raphaelite art work.
British National Gallery of Art: One of the great collections of European painting in the world.
Tate Gallery: from 1500 to the present.
Yale Center for British Art: in New Haven.
Victoria and Albert Museum: Decorative arts of the world.
The Museum of London: from prehistoric times to the present day.
National Portrait Gallery: famous British men and women.
The British Museum: ...the history of civilization.
The Geffrye Museum: Development of domestic interiors in England from 1600 to 1950s.
Royal Armouries: impressive site presentation of arms and armour.
Museums and Galleries of England: Links.

Useful Links

Beaucoup: Search Engines: Over 1,200 search engines to choose from.
Yahoo UK: Search engine of renown.
Google: My Favorite Search Engine.
MLA Documentation: Parenthetical documentation and Works Cited Pages explained.
Common Errors in English: Word/Phrase Clarifications
Big6 Research Paper Organizer: Excellent Step by Step Resource
Documenting Electronic Sources: Links to MLA techniques.
The Columbia Guide to Online Style: ...documentation assistance.
Purdue Online Wrting Lab: ...has it all.
Noodle Tools: automatic documentation made easy.
Spark Notes: Academic Guide for all School Subjects.
Pink Monkey: Academic Guide for all School Subjects.
The Master Works of Western Civilization: How many have you read?
Concordances of Great Books: ...from Addams to Zola.
Project Gutenberg: Source for books not under copyright.
Literary Glossary
Glossary of Literary Terms
5000 SAT Words
Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms
UVic's Writer's Guide & Literary Terms: Essay development, Literary Terms, Grammar, Logic, Marking Symbols, etc.
History of Theatre: A brief overview of Western theatre's development.
The New York Times
Internet for English literature: A Tutorial on Internet information skills for English literature research

College Search Links

Campus Tours: Site gives video and photo tours of many campuses.
Student Review: Site gives critiques of colleges by students and alumni from those schools.
American Universities: Huge list of links to colleges.
Petersons: College profiles.
Princeton Review: Extensive college profiles.
Illinois Gateway: University of Illinois college reference page with many links
NOTE: You may also use for questions on colleges. It is a large news group found through email site under READ NEWS.

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