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Grammar Man Services

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Unsolicited Testimonials:

“Dan, I’m very fortunate to know you. You not only improved my English, but also helped me a lot in my career development with your generous and thoughtful advice. It has always been fun to meet you and discuss many things with you. I am very grateful for everything you have done.”—Yale Postdoc

“Dan, you are a real expert on conversational English and professional editing. You are very kind and always willing to help.”—Yale Postdoc

“Dan, you did a wonderful job editing my dissertation. You made my life much easier.”—Yale History of Art, Ph.D.

“I am so fortunate to know you, Dan. Your editing help greatly increased my success in job hunting. Thank you, Dan.”—Yale Postdoc

“Dear Dan, Again, I appreciate your prompt and trustworthy professional editing service!” —Yale Sociologist/Visiting Scholar

“Dan, Last year was so great for me since I have known you. I am very glad to understand the United States a little bit more through your kind teaching and help. I am always thankful for your kindness.”— Yale Visiting Scholar

“Dan, I really appreciate the superb work you have been doing.” —Yale Postdoc

“Dan, A GREAT thank you for your help. In the bad circumstances of the last days, your help was extremely efficient. I feel obliged and want to thank you for this fine work you are doing for me.”—Yale Visiting Fulbright Scholar

“Dan, I will appreciate you as long as I breathe.”—Yale Postdoc

“I appreciate your assistance so much. I see much development in the quality of my paper and am satisfied with the words you have chosen, which really convey what I was trying to express. Thanks.”—Yale Grad Student

“I will always remember your willingness to help me during my time of need. You will always be in my mind. I will never forget you . Thanks to you for everything.”— MBA Student

I helped these wonderful people, and I can help you. I have a combined 37 years of experience in the field of English as a high school English teacher and as an editor. Whether you need a document of any size edited or wish to improve your spoken or written English, I offer a personalized solution that will work for you. I can make a difference.

Best wishes,

Dan Shea, Grammar Man

July 20,2006