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Grammar Man Link List

*The Sounds of English: U of Iowa--Phonetic Flash Animation
*OUC Pronunciation: 13 Units--PDF files
American English Pronunciation Practice: Minimal Pairs
Ted Power's Site: Common mistakes in English pronunciation
*English Page: Big--includes phrasal verbs
Article Usage-RPI Writing Center:
Grammar Guide:
English Online--E.L. Easton: American Pronunciation---eclectic and good
Activities for ESL Students: Bilingual Quizzes
Idiom and Phrasal Verb Quizzes: from "About"
*Minimal Pairs: Incredible listings
*ESL Gold: Pronunciation--consonant/vowel sounds
Sounds of English (a different one):
Tips for Spanish Speakers:
English for Academic Purposes: Many links and topics
English Zone: Many topics
ESL Desk: Links
*ESL: Pronunciation: Links
*David Appleyard and the English language: Comprehensive
*International EFL Cafe: go to "ESP" (English Sound Pronunciation for mouth positions)
*ESL Students' Web Pages: a comprehensive course
Interesting Things for ESL Students: Idioms ("Slang") and Common Proverbs
Purdue University OWL: Site Map
Lydbury English Centre: Grammar Clinic
Sterling University Online Phonology Course: Consonant/Vowel Formations
Bartleby Pronunciation Challenges:
Virtual Language Centre: based in Hong Kong
Confusing Words: Confusing Words is a collection of 3210 words that are troublesome to readers and writers.
Karin's ESL Partyland: Quizzes
Phrasal Verbs from Elfnet:
"About" Vocabulary Lists:
Vocabulary Content Words:
Vocabulary Quizzes by English Club:
Vocabulary Lists:
Nonstop Eng;lish: English grammar and vocabulary exercises grouped by topic
Word Hacker: GRE word lists
Purdue OWL : Grammar
Purdue OWL Research Papers: MLA Format
Purdue OWL Research Papers: APA Format
A Guide for Research Papers: MLA
A Guide for Research Papers: APA
A Guide to Grammar and Writing: 174 Interactive Grammar Quizzes
Correlative Conjunctions: Explanations and Exercises
Parallel Structure: Explanations and Exercises
Idiom Site: Idioms with explanations
Idiom, Meaning, and Example: many idioms
Self-Study Idiom Quizzes: also phrasal verbs, vocabulary, homonyms
English Idioms and Proverbs: from Brigham Young University
American Idioms:
The Writing Center-University of Wisconsin:
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant:
Everyday words from
Blue Dreams: analysis of LA riots
World Web Vocabulary:
Vocabulary Workshop:
3000 Most Common English Words:
Word Lists: Many lists
Vocab Builder: Multiple Choice Test of 4842 GRE-level words
About: Advanced Vocabulary: Word Groups

Grammar Man

Pronunciation Drills

Vowels and Diphthongs Drill:
Consonants Drill:
Wikipedia: English phonetic spelling
Bartleby Consonant/Vowel Drill:
Tongue Twister Database:
Reduced Forms:
Drill Sentences: Sentences to read
Tough Consonant Sounds: Very good for ZH sound
Korean Culture Topics: short essays discussing Korean life
Difficult American English Sounds:

Grammar Links, Exercises, Writing Links, and Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Test #1:
Diagnostic Test #2:
Diagnostic Test #3:
University of Chicago Grammar Resources on the Web:
Style and Grammar Guides:
Guide to Grammar and Style by Jack Lynch:
The Internet Grammar of English:
Lydbury English Centre:
The Virtual Language Centre:
Mind Your Grammar:
Sentence Combining Skills:
The Basic Elements of English:
Grammar Man Exercises:
Exercises in Grammar, Usage and Associated Press Style: 50 exercises
Exercises for Teaching Style and Form:
Exercises for Eliminating Wordiness: Purdue OWL
Variety in Sentence Structure: focus on loose and periodic sentences with exercises
Grammar Man Exercises #2: sentence combining and revision exercises
News Room Exercises in AP style: excellent usage drills
Tense Consistency Exercises: Purdue OWL
Tense Consistency Exercises-Answers: Purdue OWL
Tense Exercises/Answers: English Page
English Grammar: Explanations and Exercises by Mary Ansell: 419 pages covering everything grammatical; in PDF format
Modal Auxiliary Verbs: explanations
Grammar Handbook: Un iversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Testwise TOEFL test: free test
TOEFL Practice Tests: links from "About"
Grammar and Writing Exercises for Engineers and Scientists: from the University of Vermont
TOEFL iBT Tips: 75 pages in pdf format
Free TOEFL Practice Exams: includes next generation exam
Links to TOEFL exercises and advice:
The Columbia Guide to Standard English: from Bartleby
The English Conditional : from Using English site
Articles on English Language Usage: from Using English site
Alphabetized Index to Grammar Instruction and Exercises:
The Passive Voice, Nouniness, and Other Wordiness Problems: exercises are included
The Chinese Online Writing Lab (OWL):
Sentence-Style Revision:
CRAM SCHOOL: multi-faceted resource for grammar, vocabulary, and writing help
Parapal Online English Exercises: Eclectic and Useful